The announcement of production on the Tupac biopic is becoming something of an annual news article. With that being said, this time it seems to be for real. Producer Randall Emmett has confirmed that the long-awaited film on Tupac Shakur's life will begin filming in June.

What may have held the film back -- and for good reason -- is earning the rights to use Pac's original music, something that has been detrimental to biopic's past (the infamous Aaliyah Lifetime film among them). Thankfully, we will be hearing Shakur's work in the movie, which will follow him through his early years, to his mainstream success, and ultimately to his untimely death.

While there have been plenty of documentaries (of varying quality) on the late rapper, this marks the first venture into recreating Shakur on film, and will surely be a tough casting process.

Watch the full interview with Randall Emmett below.