Yesterday, we reported on the shocking facts that were unearthed by TMZ, based on documents they retrieved from A&E's docu-series, Who Killed Tupac? Apparently, the firearm that was used to kill the rap legend was found in 1998 and reported by Los Angeles police but, through internal mix-ups and the fear of new potential gang violence erupting as a result of disclosing the discovery of the weapon, Las Vegas authorities had no idea where the gun was. However, according to one retired police officer familiar with the case, the weapon should still be in California.

In a follow-up report from TMZ, detective Timothy Brennan, who was the man behind the order for ballistics testing on the supposed murder weapon says there should be no mystery as to the gun's whereabouts. Brennan, who's now retired, stated that, if everyone involved with the investigation followed proper protocol, ATF agents would have been given the Gloc in order to conduct the testing. It came up as a match and was then sent, via the ATF, to Las Vegas police.

The catch here is that, as per Brennan's recollection, Vegas authorities didn't think it was a match and rejected the piece of evidence. Therefore, if the chain of command held up, the weapon would've been sent back to Los Angeles. If the weapon is in fact not in the custody of Los Angeles police officials, then Brennan fears that some shady activity may be afoot.

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