Although it has been nearly 25 years since Tupac passed, new stories concerning the late rapper constantly resurface thanks to his then entourage. The last rare story we reported revolved around Tupac listening to Illmatic during his 1994 trial and now, a few days ago, Jermaine Hopkins shared a new one. Jermaine Hopkins, who played the character of Steel on the hit-movie Juice, sat down with VLADTV to share the tale. According to the actor, Tupac had a scuffle with some Harlem locals and yelled "F*ck New York!" so the entire neighborhood would hear him. Around the same time, the Hip Hop artist had been robbed of his jewelry in Uptown Harlem. 

In the VLADTV interview above, we can hear Jermaine Hopkins discussing the jewelry incident and then the shooting. "The f*ck New York came out, yeah, loud and clear [...] I guess at that point, he was frustrated with the things that was happening like "Oh y'all ain't got no love for me? F*ck New York then! You know that type of attitude and if I'm not mistaken between that, us being there, shutting sh*t down, gunshots. Uh, far as the shooting at the set, from my recollection, gunshots went off, but nobody was hit."

Check out the rest of the interview above.