The liner notes from Tupac's album The Don Killuminati: The Seven Day Theory, have been placed up for auction at the music memorabilia website Gotta Have Rock and Roll. The notes are written in pen on lined paper, and were provided by a close family friend of Tupac's and comes with a letter of provenance. What's really incredible about these liner notes, however, are the contents.

In his one page note, Tupac takes shots at almost every important figure during the East Coast/West Coast rap beef of the 90's. This includes Diddy and Biggie for "remain[ing] silent while quietly conspiring my downfall," Mobb Deep "4 opening your mouth & letting me squash ya no record selling asses," and even his frequent collaborator Dr. Dre, who he refers to as "a closest homo," presumably misspelling the word "closet".

Other targets of his scorn include Jay Z, Nas, De La Soul, Lil Kim, Wendy Williams, and Faith Evans. He also appears acutely aware of the fact that he was going to be killing, thanking Jack "The Snitch" Agnant for "ordering the hit," and Tut "for shooting me." Jacques Agnant is a music executive and promoter who worked with both Tupac and Biggie back in the day, and was one of the prime suspects in Tupac's murder. 

Almost none of the message actually made it into the final album notes, with only the final line "WAR TIME, Worldwide, Nationwide, city wide. Real Niggaz Do Real Thngs. Exit 2PAC, Enter Makaveli." being present in the final product. 

If you're interested in buying this controversial piece of rap history, the notes go on sale on April 11th, with a minimum starting bid of $30,000.