For years, there's one thing that millions of Twitter users have been asking Jack Dorsey and friends for: An edit button. For some reason, Twitter users are still plagued with having to delete and completely rewrite their brief messages, and despite other features being rolled out, the ability to edit is still something that hasn't been confirmed. We can make threads, mute conversations, hide comments, and the like, but people are still holding out hope that Twitter will follow in Facebook's footsteps and allow editing.

Twitter, Edit Button
Andrew Burton / Staff / Getty Images

We can't tell if they were joking or not, but Twitter let the world know exactly what needs to be done in order for the editing wishes to come true. From the company's official account on the platform, Twitter tweeted, "You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask." The message comes on the heels of controversy about people taking to public spaces without donning protective face coverings. Within the last month, there has been a steady increase in citizens visiting grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and other businesses without wearing masks. When they're asked to leave, viral videos have circulated showing people throwing items, coughing on people, and have angry fits.

Clearly, Twitter can't monitor the world's mask use, so it looks like Twitter users will just have to keep waiting.