After more horrific incidents than can be stomached by America, Twitter is finally cracking down on the alt-right. On the same day they suspended several high-profile alt-right accounts, Twitter announced they would be implementing ways to deal with racist online abuse. The primary tool for combating abuse is a new feature that allows users to mute specific keywords, phrases, user names, and hashtags.

One of the Twitter accounts the company suspended belonged to Richard Spencer, the head of an alt-right think tank called the National Policy Institute. Spencer has called for the removal of Jews, African-Americans, and Hispanics from the United States. His personal Twitter account was verified.

This news comes in the midst of President-Elect Donald Trump's controversial choice to recruit Steve Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News. Breitbart is considered by many to be highly aligned with the alt-right. Watch Seth Meyers's hilarious and horrifying analysis of Trump's relationship with Bannon in the video below.