Social media apps seem to be doing as much as they can to make its users have less privacy. From Facebook incorporating a green online status and Snapchat's map feature that shows exactly where you are, to Instagram showing the last time you were active. Everyone's Internet surfing habits are becoming public and Twitter is hopping on the bandwagon. The social media platform is seemingly following the same path since the company's CEO, Jack Dorsey, sent out a tweet hinting at a couple new adds.

"Playing with some new Twitter features: presence (who else is on Twitter right now?) and threading (easier to read convos)," he wrote next to some examples.  

A few users were quick to respond to the idea, asking Jack to not make Twitter have an online presence. "Not a fan of presence in this kind of space so would prefer opt-in if it happens. The reply threading looks promising and could be a big improvement as long as there’s still a way to read a thread without interruption," Staci D Kramer wrote

Not too long ago Kim Kardashian tweeted how she had a chat with Jack at Kanye's birthday party, asking him to please add an edit button. Only time will tell.