After engaging in a "beef" with Lil Yachty in October, Soulja Boy now has his guns set on the Migos, another act in Quality Control. His foremost target is the group's leading hook man, Quavo. "Fuck Quavo, fuck Migos, pull on your block with the Draco," goes the hook of Soulja Boy's new diss track, entitled "Beef," which he released last night, soon after the feud went viral. Soulja begins the diss track by reminding Quavo that he introduced him to Sean Kingston and Travis Scott. He first previewed the diss with an Instagram video that finds him pointing an assault rifle at the camera. 

Soulja also shared a portion of a text conversation he apparently had with Quavo, which may give some insight into the sudden beef. Going off the texts, it seems that Quavo had distanced himself from Soulja in order to back his labelmate Lil Yachty. "I ain't know it was beef. Bet," wrote Soulja, which impelled Quavo to respond, "Beef? If that's what u wanna call it that's a whole another ball game." 

With the two below screenshots, Soulja seems to suggest that he gave Quavo his address, as had been requested. Apparently Quavo never showed up. In the caption of the second photo, Soulja wrote, "Bitch ass n*gga never pulled up ... don't make me leak the phone convo pussy." 

As is the case with controversies involving Soulja boy these days, social media is in an uproar over him taking aim at Quavo, one of the hottest names in Atlanta as of late. Charlamagne Tha God has already shamed Soulja with the "Donkey of the Day," which hasn't seemed to bother the "Turn My Swag On" rapper, as he's since pressed for a Breakfast Club interview. 

OG Maco, another member of QC, has also responded rather threateningly, writing, "This n*gga diss one more QC artist for some clout ... On Piru." Other users have employed the Kermit meme to assess Soulja's motives for the beef. One particularly hilarious tweet reads, "Quavo can end Soulja Boy's whole career with just a dab of ranch," alluding to the jingle Quavo recently improvised for the Migos' Rap Snacks.