With CULTURE quickly approaching, let's take some time to realize the scope of Migos' influence. The dab has officially been attempted by one of the top Republicans in the U.S. government. That is also evidence that dabbing is officially dead. It should not be resuscitated by anyone who doesn't wish to be relentlessly roasted. 

Earlier this month, while Ryan was swearing in new congressmen, a representative's son attempted to dab on Speaker Ryan while posing for a group photo. Ryan appeared confused and asked the boy if he was sneezing. After the incident went viral, Ryan went on Twitter to admit, "Still don't get what dabbing is, though." 

Now he has pulled a one-eighty, as during a CNN town hall discussion last night, Ryan tried to make the case that he knew about the dab all along. "You know, I actually do know what a dab is, OK, just for the record," he said in response to a lighthearted question about his social media presence. "It's this." Channeling the spirit of Hillary Clinton, he then attempted his version of the viral dance move. Prepare to cringe. 

"He wasn't doing a dab, by the way," Ryan then told Jake Tapper, critiquing the congressman's sons dabbing technique. "It looked like he was sneezing." 

Here's Twitter's reaction to the Speaker of the House giving legal injection to the trap-born maneuver.