Apple's innovative technology is truly what sets it apart from other companies out there. The company continues to reveal new products which remain both useful and aesthetically appealing. Their tireless design work is one of the many things which maintains the company's edge as a leader in technology. Though much like anything else in the world, Apple is never above a good ol' roast. Recently, Apple offered the first look at their new Mac Pro during its WWDC 2019 Keynote this Monday. And the first thing people noticed, unfortunately, aside from the several pros the new technology offered is that it resembled a cheese grater. Of course, the word got out on Twitter and resulted in an ensuing ruthless roast session at the company's expense.

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

The $5,999 dollars worth product was flamed to bits by Twitter users who managed to turn it into a meme. So much that even Apple went onto changing the banner to their official Twitter account into a cheese grater. Social media users took shots at the new product by coupling it with photos of cheese graters and hilarious captions. As such, we thought it best to compile the best of the roast sessions. Check it out below.