It’s safe to say Young Dolph’s music isn’t the best setting of a coffee shop, and now two baristas are having to find out the hard way. According to a report from Pitchfork, two baristas at a campus coffee shop were fired by Duke University officials yesterday for playing Young Dolph throughout the store. Apparently Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Moneta walked into the campus coffee shop last Friday and was offended when he heard Young Dolph’s “Get Paid” being played over the speakers.

The music was helmed by barista Britni Brown, who had a Spotify playlist on and Dolph was coincidentally playing at that time. Another barista was working at the time as well, Kevin Simmons, and he said Moneta “was verbally harassing her” about the music. By Monday, both Brown and Simmons were then asked to resign because of the “vulgar music” that was being played during their shift.

And because the coffee shop, Joe Van Gogh, is contracted by Duke University, they went ahead and carried out the termination. Coworkers and current managers of the store told Indy Week that neither Brown nor Simmons had any record of workplace misconduct. Employees also claimed that they weren’t aware of any music policy and received no training for what was deemed “appropriate” music.

“There are other options besides being terminated,” Britni Brown said. “We could have just been moved to another shop. But Duke came in and took our livelihood.”