Police are investigating a double stabbing that occurred at RZA's home in Millstone, New Jersey earlier this morning, reports NJ.com. It is still unknown if RZA was at the home when the stabbings took place. 

The New Jersey State Police responded to a report of the double stabbing at 1:18 AM (Nov. 7), and when they arrived on the property (belonging to RZA), they found two men whom had indeed been stabbed. Both men were immediately transported to University Medical Center in Neptune, NJ. 

As the investigation is ongoing, authorities have provided little information regarding those potentially involved in the incident. They have not yet confirmed that the home belongs to RZA, though property records show the address is listed under the name of Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, the real name of the famed Wu-Tang producer. 

In a recent federal trial involving two Staten Island drug dealers, documents were brought forth that revealed the FBI had investigated the Wu-Tang Clan in 1999 for possibly ordering the murders of two other Staten Island dealers -- though that's not to say that information is relevant to the stabbings in New Jersey.