Drake's #InMyFeelingsChallenge has racked up thousands of videos that sees fans everywhere breaking it down to his Scorpion beat. For some reason, a good chunk of those videos sees people jumping out of their moving car that has obviously resulted in some minor injuries. Thankfully, Ty Dolla $ign and Jimmy Kimmel have come through to provide us with a more safe alternative to a new viral challenge. 

In the video below, Ty links with Jimmy to not only promote his latest beat "The Light" but also show off a safe way to get involved. It's pretty simple, "safely get into your vehicle," put your seatbelt on and hit the road, when you see a yellow light you gotta "slow down, clown." 

"Not all viral challenges have to be dangerous," Ty says in the video below. Not sure if this little idea will take away from the love Drizzy's new song is getting, but it's worth a shot nonetheless. If you're a true Ty fan, find yourself a car and throw up an L to join in on his challenge. 

Watch how Ty and Jimmy do it below.