Ty Dolla $ign recently released his stellar album Beach House 3, which we called "a versatile but carefully-curated package," among many other praises. While you're busy bumping Ty Dolla's latest project, the man himself is out there making moves, hitting up James Corden's Late Late Show for a performance of standout cut "Dawsin's Breek." The performance itself is entertaining simply on the strength of Ty's artistic prowess, but the fact that he's singing while lampin' on an actual couch makes this clip all the better. Throw in a couple of exotic, scantily clad dancers and you've got some absurd, sultry glory. 

While the album version features Jeremih, Ty's Late Late Show outing finds him flying solo. The whole setup is pretty ingenious, with flashing neon lights that announce the presence of "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS" and some loose bills floating around like rain. As for the performance itself, while entertaining, it feels like Ty is more focused on the ensuing spectacle than he is on delivering the high quality vocals we know he's capable of. In his defense, however, "Dawsin's Breek," isn't exactly a song where the vocal chops really get  a chance shine, so maybe it's for the best. Still, it's more memorable than  the typical late night performance, so props to Ty Dolla for that.

In other news, Ty Dolla $ign has recently teamed up with former Murda Inc superstar Ashanti, who appears to be planning a late-career comeback. While the song wasn't exactly a return to her peak, it was still cool to see Ashanti back in the game. As for Ty's 2017 legacy, there's no doubt his Beach House 3 will appear on many a year-end list, and deservedly so. Stay tuned with us for all things Ty Dolla $ign.