The first time Tyga met Lil Wayne he was wearing a fake self-titled chain that was probably turning his neck green, but now that's old news since he boasts a cool collection of thousand dollar pieces of neck jewelry. The "Dip" rapper linked up with GQ for a sit-down explanation of his most valuable accessories listing a $250,000 chain, Louis Vuitton printed diamond rings, boujee wallet chain, $70K watches and 4.5 karat diamond earrings.

"Probably when I was like 12 or something, 13, I went to a swap meet got [my ears] pierced, you know what I mean, I just needed that drip," he says in the clip below. "Back then a lot of the people was doing the two [holes]. They had like the double earrings." 

Tyga recently chatted with Billboard about his comeback on the scene telling the publication that any curse that was on him is out the window. "Anybody that has doubted me, held me back, tried to block me behind the scenes or spread negative energy or stories on me... whoever try to curse me, it doesn't matter: The curse is broken," he said.