Tyga is essentially a wanted man because he skipped out on yet another court appearance. The judge presiding over a case that goes back several years is essentially putting their foot down, by invoking law enforcement officials in the matter.

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

I'd like to preface this by stating the obvious: Tyga is mostly guilty of poor organizational skills if nothing else - evidence of which keeps piling up. His inability to pay rental fees, or settle sample clearances in a reasonable manner, has resulted in Tyga becoming somewhat of a pariah in eyes of the public, due to the frequency at which his bank deferrals hit bottom.

Although the arrest warrant was issued because of Tyga's inability to present himself in a timely manner, and nothing else - the original case is seemingly tied up to an injurious accident at a concert sometime in the past. Shyanne Riekena won a judgment against the rapper after a light pole came crashing down on her head. Tyga was ultimately found responsible for the mishap, due to the equipment rental being made out in his name.

Shyanna was initially awarded $235k for her troubles, a figure that rose to $250k once interest was tacked on in 2017. Tyga hasn't paid a penny in the punitive damages since the original ruling in 2015, hence why the judge issued a warrant for his arrest, fortified by a $250,000 insurable bond.