Tyga is sitting on top of the world as his latest hit album Legendary storms the airwaves and tops the charts. The rapper-producer recently caught up with GQ for their 10 Things series where the magazine asks celebrities to name off ten of their essential items.

After listing off all of the reason why his iPhone is a piece of technology he can't live without, Tyga pulled out his "iced out Patek" that he said was his favorite item of jewelry at the moment. "It's crazy, I don't use it to tell time. I probably haven't used a watch to tell time in...probably never." He also noted that the watch "is straight from Patek. Anything is possible with money, right?"

He also said that his Ben Baller-created, blinged out, 2 kilogram, custom Cuban link chain is a daily essential. He can't always wear his piece attached to it because it's too heavy. The rapper also stated that he always keeps a "manbag" on him, but he switches up the designers as much as possible. He couldn't say enough about Louis Vuitton's Millionaire sunglasses, adding that he owns more than one pair. "These are go-to glasses for me. I got every color. Shout out to Virgil, he killed it with these."

Check out what else Tyga says are his staple essentials below.