Earlier this month, Tyga’s Last Kings store in Los Angeles was broken into and burglarized. At the time, little information was known about the robbery as a staffer only noticed the incident when she came in to open the store the next morning, but now the details are in, and Tyga took a nice hit to his pockets.

According to TMZ, the robber(s) who hit Last Kings store got away with about $53,150 worth of property, with $50K of that being strictly clothes. The other three grand came from miscellaneous things, like an empty safe worth $250, an $800 flat screen TV, a $500 iPad, and part of the security system valued at $1,600.

Law enforcement say the burglars forced their way in by prying open the back door. They still don't have any suspects yet, but they're not ruling out the possibility of an inside job. However, as time continues to go on, the likelihood of the suspect getting caught gets worse and worse. So it’s definitely not looking good for Tyga at the moment. You would think he'd have insurance, but that's unknown.

This robbery is just the latest headache that the Last Kings store has given Tyga. Back in 2015, former collaborator and business partner, Chuon Gen Lee, accused Tyga of stealing the Last Kings brand concept and failing to come through on a previous agreement set up between the two. She successfully sued him for $1.6 million dollars, an amount that has risen to over $2 million since Tyga has failed to pay up on his debt. So not only does he owe $2 million, but he also got into a legal dispute with the Last King's landlord last year as well, costing another $75k.