On Monday, footage surfaced online of former Cash Money rapper Tyga showing off his vocal range and singing to a couple 90’s R&B songs, including Donell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be” and Usher’s “Nice & Slow.” Based on the clips & tone in T-Rawww’s voice, it looks like he was trying to be serious, although the second clip finds him closing out the record by coughing and saying “shit, I can’t sing” with a smile.

While fans believed that the footage of Tyga singing was just him playing around, it turns out it might not be a joke after all. A couple hours after the footage surfaced, Tyga took twitter to suggest that he’s prepping a singing album.

“Y’all think Im playing that singing album coming soon” Tyga tweeted out along with a smiling emoji.

Many fans thought Tyga was just trolling us by saying he was working on a “singing” album, but on Tuesday morning, the 27-year old decided to share yet another clip on his Instagram of what looks to be an upcoming song, and it once again shows off his vocal range. Thankfully, this one sounds a little bit better than the first two clips thanks to the power of auto-tune, singing…

“Yeah I love it when you boss up call the shots yeah/ when you tell me to come through/ I pull up, hop out cause I love it when you.”

If this indeed true, the singing album will follow up Tyga’s recently-released sequel to Bitch Im The Shit, which dropped back in July. In support of that very project, Tyga is getting ready to hit the road this Fall for his "Bitch Im The Shit” tour along with Chief Keef, RJ, and Honey Cocaine. (peep tour dates here if interested).

Check out the various clips of Tyga singing and let us know what you think. Do you hope this is true? Does Tyga sound good or nah?