Tyga has had a long line of ex-girlfriends who have found themselves in the headlines of gossip outlets after the rapper cuts the relationship off. However, this new story out of the U.K. concerning T-Raww's former flame Demi Rose Mawby might just be the strangest one we've seen in some time.

The British model is said to be living in fear, according to The Birmingham Mail, after she had been repeatedly propositioned by a delivery man. As a result, she's swearing off having any packages delivered to her home. "I’m sick of it, it’s not safe for me,” she said. "I don’t understand what I’m meant to do. I’m just a girl – I just want to get things ordered." According to the article, she had been propositioned by different delivery men on multiple occasions. They found out her identity after she gave her name, address and phone number as part of the ordering process.

“Today or tomorrow I could open the door to the wrong person," she added, detailing how she answered the door in her workout gear once and was harassed by the employee who dropped off her order several times over text, even after she'd already told him she wasn't interested. Another delivery man did the same but begged her not to tell his boss about it.

“I got the delivery off this guy and I’m walking him out,” she said on her Snapchat account. “He says to me, ‘Can I get that number?’ I said, ‘What number?’ He said, ‘Your number’. I said, ‘No, absolutely not. What do I need to say to you? It’s a delivery service' [...] I got a delivery and then I got a text from Argos saying: ‘It’s your delivery guy, I would like to take you out – please don’t tell Argos.’"

The woman who has been dubbed the U.K.'s "Queen of Instagram" says she's done with trying to be nice in this sort of situation. “After this, I don’t want any more deliveries," she explained. “I’m not trying to be flirty with anyone – I don’t know what I need to wear next time. I’m in gym gear, I just slept in this.”