Earlier today, we reported on Beyonce's mother, Tina Lawson and her stepfather Richard Lawson holding their annual Wearable Art Gala this past Saturday. The event this year was based on a Lion King theme which timely coincides with the imminent and highly-anticipated release of The Lion King's reboot, set to star Beyonce as Nala. Furthermore, the soiree attracted a slew of stars such as Tiffany Haddish, The Carters, Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie, Chloe and Halle and many more. Each attendee made their grand entrance to unveil their royalty garments. Tina Lawson proclaimed during the pre-gala interview that "Wearable art has to be over the top. It can’t just be a dress with a little necklace. You’ve gotta really go there with it!" And indeed, the guests did. 

As such, the happening involved a series of different occurrences such as bidding on art evidently. A series of art pieces were showcased during the gala and offered to the highest bidder. And when a dazzling portrait of the late Nipsey Hussle came forth, Tyler Perry wanted to make sure it was all his. The Hussle painting, done by Tiffanie Anderson, began at $50K and finally up to $100K. Perry was defeated however when another honoree, Felicia Horowitz, managed to bid higher and take the portrait home.