Tyler, The Creator will be blessing European folk with his presence this summer. The artist came on Twitter today to announce his European tour, complete with a quirky banner. The tour kicks off at the Kadetten Festival in Norway on July 4th and ends at the Dour Festival in Belgium on July 15th.

Some of his fans have remarked that these dates consist of festivals exclusively and shouldn't necessarily be considered a tour. They probably haven't stopped to think about the significance of the seven dates along with his caption that simply includes the figure 7. With all these 7-track releases from G.O.O.D music and announcements of collaborations with artists from different labels, fans could be speculating rather than complaining. Alternatively, others fans are simply happy the rapper is coming to a city near them, especially considering his being banned from the UK. Apparently, the lyrics on "Bastard" and "Goblin" were deemed a threat to the welfare of the public. The ban was set to last three to five years from 2015 so the wait is almost over for fans who want to see him play in the UK. This came after the artist's being banned from Australia for similar reasons.  

Tyler has already been blessing fans with some new fire for the summer. He released a couple remixes this month, such as "Peach Fuzz" and "Gelato," which stem from Prophet's "I Wanna Be Your Man" and Jacquees' "No Validation" respectively. Before that, he also laid some licks on a Kid's See Ghosts instrumental with "Crust In Their Eyes." This track has since been removed.