Tyler, The Creator just released his new album, Flower Boy, but he's got plenty of other media projects that are keeping him busy.

The rapper made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss his new series The Jellies, which will be airing on Adult Swim later this year. When he was asked about his decision to make the lead character on the show black, Tyler had a strong response.

"They canceled Static Shock. Nobody remembers Fillmore, like, we don't got s**t. The only other black character is this f**king weird ass...oh no, they killed Chef off f**king South Park. So we don't have s**t. So I said f**k that. We about to make this n**** black. He ain't got no guns. He ain't shoot no f**king basketball. He a f**king goober. And we gonna put him on TV and he's the lead character. He ain't the comic relief, he ain't the sidekick. He the lead n****."

It's hard to argue that point of view. Tyler, The Creator continues to do his part to change people's perceptions about music and TV content. Check out the SDCC clip below.