Known for his animated personality on and off the mic, Odd Future's Tyler the Creator made a cameo on the animated series, "Black Dynamite".

Tyler appears as a talking poodle on an episode titled "The Wizard of Watts" or "Oz Ain't Got S&@# on The Wiz". Black Dynamite, the show's main character, hallucinates he's in a Wizard of Oz type world after being hit with a brick during his "staycation". The hour long season finale originally aired last night at 10:30.

"Black Dynamite" is an animated take on the blaxploitation spoof of the same name which was released in 2009. Michael Jai White starred as the leading character, Black Dynamite, and reprises his role as the voice of Black Dynamite on the animated series.

Tyler The Creator is no stranger to television. Outside of appearances for his music, his sketch comedy show "Loiter Squad" is completed it's 3rd season in 2014 on Adult Swim.