In his raps, Tyler, The Creator like to talk about his luxurious cars, speaking on multiple occasions about his McLarens and Teslas. Unfortunately, one of his whips was damaged so badly after a car crash that he likely won't be able to drive it around anymore.

Early this morning, Tyler was involved in a scary-looking accident with a parked car and his Tesla Model X is absolutely wrecked. Video footage was captured of the aftermath as the owner of the vehicle Tyler hit seems pretty stoked about the entire thing. He surprisingly smiled throughout his entire interview with TMZ, saying, "Tyler, The Creator hit my car. That's great, I wasn't even here. I didn't even look at the police report but I got his [information.]" It all went down close to UCLA and this is the second time that the man's car has been smashed like this. At first, he was obviously pretty bummed but he's expecting to get a "decent check" at the end of all this, so he's in good spirits.

From the looks of the crash, it's a miracle that Tyler made it out without any reported injuries. The front and side airbags were reportedly deployed in the Tesla and the entire front of the car is caved in. No arrests were made and an ambulance was not called to the scene.

Tyler recently signed on to write original music for the upcoming Grinch film. His first effort from the movie was released yesterday and it's shockingly good. Have a listen here.