Despite the number of videos, photos and lengthy Instagram captions Tyrese Gibson has shared since he was first stripped of visiting rights to see his daughter, Shayla, or the number of times he shed tears in one video alone pleading to see his little girl, new reports say he skipped out on a chance to be by her side. 

The Blast first reported that Tyrese had a chance to see Shayla two times last week (with a court monitor), but her mother's legal team said he did not show. The publication now reports that Tyrese had an opportunity to see Shayla this morning (November 9th) but a recent Instagram post reads that he's “headed to Abu Dhabi for the formula 1 races and to see my non judgmental family and to take a much needed break from America and the blogs.”

Norma Gibson's legal team tells the publication that they are in shock that Tyrese has not shown an interest in seeing Shayla. “We were disappointed to learn that Mr. Gibson won’t be exercising some of the visits with his daughter that we offered him for the next week. Wherever he is, we hope he’s getting the help he needs to be the father Shayla truly deserves," Norma's attorney, Aleen Khanjian, says.

Both parties are due back in court for another hearing on November 14th. 

Tyrese's trip to Abu Dhabi has not only come under fire from his ex-wife's legal team, but also an Instagram user who questioned how he's able to afford the trip despite his recent claims of being broke. 

"So you were not broke just worried about maintaining your lavish lifestyle," the user by the name of @foster4229 said. "You seem kind of fake bro!"

Tyrese replied to the user saying, "I’m pretty famous dude I️ never ever pay for my own travel - ask around it’s the perks of working hard - take care - get some !"