It's been quite the week for Tyrese. Over the past few months, he's faced his fair share of adversity but it was difficult to really sympathize with the dude with the crazy antics he put on display on social media. Last week, it was finally revealed that he won joint custody of his daughter, Shayla and successfully beat his ex-wife's request for a restraining order. While things are looking better for Ty, the judge placed a new set of conditions in order for him to see his daughter.

TMZ reports that Tyrese and his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, received a slew of conditions for the joint custody over Shayla. The judge reportedly says neither parents are allowed to his corporal punishment as a form of discipline for their child. Along with that, Tyrese also has to take a parenting class specifically focused on disciplining his daughter as well and he along with Norma must go through a "high conflict parenting class." Tyrese and his daughter are also issued to enroll in a joint therapy session while Shayla must also go through individual counseling. In addition to these rules, Tyrese is strictly allowed to spend time with Shayla within Southern California until April 30th. However, one of the better parts of the ruling will allow Tyrese to have Shayla on both Christmas and New Year's.

Earlier today, he posted a picture of himself with his daughter at Malibu beach while addressing the hardships of his relationship with Norma and the impact it had on Shayla. He said that the win he received in the court was not about him but was for his daughter and that his priority for her to grow up in a happy and healthy environment, despite the tension between himself and Norma. Along with that, he also spoke on the allegations of child abuse from his ex-wife.

"For 10 years I have been the best father I could be, all while quietly being on the receiving end of constant toxic false accusations by the mother of my child," he wrote, "Today I am proud that the courts have put an end to Norma’s toxic nonsense, declaring that NONE of her accusations for the last 10 years against me are credible. I did not break any laws; I did not harass anyone; and most important I never engaged in violent or abusive behavior."

Despite the legal woes he had to face, Tyrese sounds like he's headed in a better direction with his familial relationships and his life in general.