If you can remember, at the end of 2017 Tyrese Gibson was making headlines due to the court cases and numerous Instagram posts surrounded around the custody battle of his daughter, Shayla. Norma Gibson was looking to get a restraining order against the Fast & Furious actor alleging that he hit Shayla so hard she could not sit down. Norma lost the case, and she and Tyrese had split custody of their child 50/50.

According to The BlastTyrese is now looking to get full custody of Shayla because he wants to move to Atlanta and thinks getting his oldest child out of Los Angeles will be better for her. Tyrese's court documents state that the move is in “Shayla’s best interest” adding how he has “created a stable and loving environment" in Atlanta living “in a 23,000 square foot home in an affluent and safe neighborhood in Atlanta.”

“In Atlanta … we are free to move around the city without being harassed or photographed,” he adds. Tyrese notes that if he is granted full custody, he will gladly fly Norma out to visit Shayla. In contrast, he says that if Shayla stays with Norma she “will continue to interfere in my relationship and my custodial time with Shayla and will not facilitate my relationship with her.”

The judge has yet to decide.