The world of medicine has made some major developments when it comes down to the coronavirus. After it was discovered roughly a year ago, scientists have been working relentlessly to find treatment, and ultimately, a vaccine. This week, vaccines are being distributed across the country. And while doctors have stated that the best way to prevent the spread is using masks and washing your hands, Tyrese claims to have found another method to keep the virus away.

Apparently, it all boils down to the room temperature. Sharing a random selfie on a flight, Tyrese dove into equally random thoughts. He began with one of his "secrets" for staying "COVID free" which apparently involves maintaining a room temperature of 90 degrees every night because "rumor has it if you catch Covid it doesn’t survive warm temperatures."

It didn't take long for things to get even weirder from there. Tyrese then began to get deeper into his feelings unprovoked, divulging into some of his feelings surrounding loyalty and trust.

"I’m a self professed alpha empath..... My alpha was turn fragile people away... When that happens it makes me happen cause I have one less person to love and care for," he wrote.

Now, if you got this far, you're probably asking yourself what he's talking about. Well, rest assured, you're not alone. Check out some of the best reactions below.