Tyrese's video escapades on social media have been a cause of concern for many, with a very public meltdown that was showcased on Instagram not too long ago for the entire world to see. Now, the actor/singer is in hot water for another short clip that he was involved with. So off-putting were the visuals that the cops were eventually called to his house.

According to TMZ, the authorities were sent to Tyrese's home in Los Angeles after a video was posted online showing a man lying on the actor's couch, in his underwear, bound and gagged and looking like the victim of a kidnapping. Tyrese stood stoically beside the couch, staring menacingly into the distance while proclaiming that "s**t is funny til it ain't funny no more." The man who supposedly lay on the sofa in terror was comedian Michael Blackson, who called out the Fast & Furious alum a couple of weeks ago in a video of his own, in response to the aforementioned meltdown. You can view both videos below.

Several people who saw the footage up on the Internet flooded the LAPD's office with calls, fearful that Tyrese had finally snapped and decided to get his revenge against Blackson and, in a metaphorical sense, all those who called him out publicly in the wake of his trying custody battle with his ex-wife. Police rushed to the scene and were met by Tyrese's security detail. Once in conversation with the cops, the actor's associates assured all the officers present that the video was just a joke and that Blackson, while selling it really well in the video, had not actually been picked up against his will or harmed. The production value of the prank video was certainly high enough to have many people fooled - well played gentlemen.

Tyrese actually enjoyed what was probably his most relaxing weekend in some time, after winning 50/50 custody of his daughter Shayla this past Friday (November 17th). After expressing some relief with this good news being injected into his life, the entertainer shouted out Michael Moore, Netflix and Tim Cooke of Apple to help him make a movie out of his recent struggles. "I got over 400 hours of logged and captured footage this will be bigger than Avatar," he said. "'Fathers' and the lack of support in the courts is a universal issue."