Tyron Woodley sat down with TMZ Sports for their "Hollywood Beatdown" segment, and like always he was in a playful mood. The standard MMA fighter is cut in the ilk of a straightforward person. No skulking, no meandering from the subject line, MMA fighters go straight for the kill.

The Welterweight champ had a few choice words for Adrien Broner and Tekashi, referring to the latter as "Too Many Tattoos 6ix9ine." He and the host replayed the social media taunts. The MMA guy clearly didn't see a point in stimulating interest through controversy. Broner has much to gain by dragging his name through the muck. However, Woodley is qualified to comment, seeing as he's gone through the motions several times over in his short career. Woodley contends that a level of determination and focus is needed in order to fully execute one's game plan in the ring. Take notice young Simbas.

Woodley also took a swipe at Woah Vicky and Lil Tay, and although the host tried to coerce him into saying something off color, he remained in-bounds. He did however make a broad claim that "media personalities" such as Tekashi and Lil Tay who pose with "Phone Stacks" likely have no money at all.