Uber is making necessary updates for the sake of its users since announcing that Uber Eats will be merged into Uber's ride-sharing app, for convenience, of course. The new move will allow users the opportunity to order food while heading to their destination, making for an easy one-app service that will hopefully bring on more active users. 

“We’re rolling out a new way to order Eats directly in the Uber app on Android (we’ve already been experimenting on iOS)… This cross-promotion gives riders who are new to Eats a seamless way to order a meal via a webview instead of opening up the App Store for download," an Uber spokesperson told  TechCrunch. For those who aren't looking for food on the move, you can still use Uber Eat's standalone app for your ordering pleasure. 

Rick Kern/Getty Images 

Uber has been making a number of updates to its app since previously announcing a Quiet Mode that allows riders to cruise in silence as well as suspending riders for a low rating.

"Respect is a two-way street, and so is accountability," the official press release stated. "Drivers have long been expected to meet a minimum rating threshold which can vary city to city. While we expect only a small number of riders to ultimately be impacted by ratings-based deactivations, it’s the right thing to do."