UFC President Dana White will reportedly wait until after the New York legal system decides what to do with Conor McGregor before handing down any suspensions or punishment of his own. McGregor, who ambushed a bus of UFC fighters during a press conference in Brooklyn earlier this month, isn't due back in court until June 14.

The 29-year old Irish superstar is facing multiple charges of assault and could face up to seven years in prison as a result of the April 5 attack. TMZ Sports recently caught up with Dana White, who told them that the UFC plans to "see what happens in New York." 

“He’s gotta be punished by the law first,” White said when asked about the McGregor situation. “Let’s see what happens in New York.”

Although McGregor's UFC future remains in question, it's clear the company wants to take advantage of all the hype, and that would mean a lightweight championship fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and McGregor if (when) he gets back in the octagon.

When asked about the anticipated McGregor vs Nurmagomedov fight, Dana White says if it does happen - it will go down in Vegas, not Russia, as some have speculated.

"If you do a fight that big, you gotta do it in Vegas," White said in regards to McGregor vs Nurmagomedov.

"Khabib will fight in Russia at some point, but it wont be that fight. It's too big. Ya gotta do it in Vegas."

Check out White's full comments on the ongoing McGregor situation in the video below.