Ugly God, aka the man with the best XXL freestyle yet, can officially say he's experienced his first run in with the law. The Freshman shared a livestream video in which he was pulled over by a policeman, who threatened him with a one thousand dollar ticket, claiming they'd let him off with a warning. There are a few edits, in which parts of the conversation are missing, but eventually Ugly God can be heard playing the "do you know who I am" card. But does that ever really end well? 

"I don't know if you have a son, but they probably know who I am," says Ugly God. The cop is unimpressed, replying with "nobody knows who you are, man."

After a few more cuts, it appears that Ugly God is being hit with a court date, to which he replies "I'll be in LA." Unfortunately for him, the cop doesn't appear to care. 

"For real, look me up" says Ugly God. "Ugly space God." I don't think that cop will be checking for The Booty Tape anytime soon.