England has made a shocking move in an effort to slash the number of crimes committed due to addicts looking for their next fix. According to Mirror, drug addicts will be given free heroin from special clinics in Middlesbrough up to three times a day. The publication details how 15 of the worst offenders in the town have been selected by police for the program's trial headed by the police department. 

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The program will, of course, be funded by taxpayers, costing up to $440,000. Mayor of Tees Valley, a town nearby, has responded to the trial program disapproving of the free herion stations. 

"It is not right for a commissioner who has failed so badly, and is stepping down in a matter of months, to make the Cleveland force area a guinea pig for an experimental new drugs policy when he won’t even be around to face its consequences," Ben Houchen told The Daily Mail.

"I’m sure most right-thinking people would rather see the hundreds of thousands of pounds he is squandering on this spent on getting the basics right, by investing in frontline policing." This trail program is the first for the country and only time will tell how the results turn out. Sound off in the comments on what you think of the plan.