314 pairs of Stephen Curry's new signature shoe, the Under Armour Curry 5, unexpectedly released last night in celebration of Steph's 30th birthday, which happens to fall on "Pi Day." The mathematical anomaly is referenced in several places throughout the shoe, including the Pi symbol on the knit of the shoe, the numbers of Pi on the sole, and 3.14.18 on the laces.

As Under Armour explains, the Curry 5 is inspired by the ancient Pi equation of "squaring the circle" and achieving the impossible, similar to the way Curry's career had defied all odds.

"The design inspiration can be found in the upper with a circular construction built through the framing of the 90-degree angle of the foot. The containment areas in the forefoot lateral wall and the heel lock in the foot, giving Curry the traction he needs on a nightly basis to make all of the cuts he wants. Other Pi themed things you can find is the black/metallic iron colorway; the Pi symbol is featured in the knit of the shoe and the numbers of Pi (3.14) can be found on the sole. 3.14.18 is printed on the laces and the Pi number sequence is scripted on the shoebox."

Each of Curry's previous signature sneakers were of the high-top variety, including his current on-court shoe, the Curry 4. Under Armour has released low-top versions of Curry's signature shoes in the past, but they were all secondary silhouettes. The Under Armour Curry 5 marks an entirely new path in the 2X MVP's signature line.

The 314 pairs of the "Pi Day" Curry 5, which retail for $130, sold out almost instantly after they were introduced last night but more colorways are sure to follow in the near future.