Under Armour employees will no longer be able to expense their trips to the strip club on the company's dime.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, executives and employees, including CEO Kevin Plank, attended strip clubs with athletes and co-workers over the years, and sources say the company often paid for the visits of "many attendees." As a result of interviews with more than a dozen current and former UA employees and executives, the WSJ concludes that strip club visits were part of a workplace environment that women at the company found demeaning.

Under Armour reportedly told employees in an email in February that it would no longer reimburse certain expenses, including adult entertainment and gambling. According to CNN, Plank and President Patrik Frisk told employees late Monday that the Journal story was "tough to read."

In a statement (H/T CNN), UA explained that the company has "addressed these serious allegations of the past and will continue to address workplace behavior that violates our policies."
"Inappropriate behavior that challenges our values or violates our policies is unacceptable — and will not be tolerated," the company said. "We are committed to providing a respectful and inclusive workplace."