The college campus sexual atmosphere is a difficult one to maneuver. Barely legal adults, who are in essence still children to the world, are finally free from their parents. Decisions are in their hands, whether they be good ones or bads ones. College is a time where many young adults experience their firsts real sexual encounters. They no longer have to sneak around their parents to keep quiet or hidden. Instead, these young adults are given their own dorms, surrounded by other college kids whose hormones are raging. Alchohol and partying are part of college culture, and kids who may have never had to deal with the consequences of their sexual actions are taught real life lessons. 

One group of college kids are learning the hard way that sexual privacy is sacred, and should not be considered a game. As reported by the New York Post, Kathryn Novak, a college student in Arizona, is suing her ex-boyfriend Brandon Simpson and four other fraternity members at Delta Sigma Phi after Simpson posted a video of the two of them having sex to Facebook. The video was posted in a group called the “Dog Pound,” which was a secret group. Unlike private groups on Facebook, secret groups cannot be searched and only those invited can see the page. Novak would travel to Florida to see her boyfriend frequently, and the two would engage in consensual sex. Simpson recorded one of those sexual encounters and shared it with his frat brothers. The "Dog Pound" group was filled with videos and pictures of the frat brothers' sexual encounters and was constantly updated. Delta Sigma Phi has suspended its chapter at UCF.

Michael Avenatti is serving as Novak’s attorney. He is also representing porn star Stormy Daniels in her case against President Donald Trump.