By now it's no secret that Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West put in the work during the Life Of Pablo sessions. In fact, Kanye famously teased that he and Kendrick Lamar were sitting on forty collaborations. Ultimately, we have yet to see even a fraction of those, but proof of their existence continues to surface. In approximately mid February, a Madlib produced Kanye/Kendrick collaboration found its way onto the internet by way of diligent leakers. Now, several more have emerged to join their brethren, as reported by Complex. While the aforementioned freestyle sounded akin to a drunken cypher, both "Liberated" and "Don't Jump" are more polished efforts.

The former is marked as a "FSMH Demo," alluding to "Father Stretch My Hands." This time around, Kendrick delivers a wild and raunchy verse, harkening back to the days of "this. dick. ain't. freeeeee." To be honest, he kind of snaps; it would have been nice to hear him come through for the final version, although the sexually charged subject matter and spiritual title seem to be at odds. The second leak is far more aggressive, with a hectic and frantic instrumental; once again, Kendrick is in fine form, rattling off verbose and ominous bars akin to his work on untitled. unmastered. 

Unfortunately, neither track is available in CDQ, but little birds are whispering that may very well change. Both demos were clearly recorded during the Life Of Pablo sessions. Hopefully one day Kanye will see fit to drop a nostalgic run of GOOD Friday drops. Until then, happy hunting.