Fans of Dragon Ball Super – and inherently, Dragon Ball as a whole – should be excited to learn that Goku has once again overcome his limits, resulting in a new level of power: Ultra Instinct Mastered. DBS viewers got a taste of the ability earlier this season, particularly against the unstoppable Jiren. The latest preview of the show depicted Goku unable to put a dent in the aforementioned opponent at the Tournament of Power. That is, until the power of Ultra Instinct is fully-realized, leaving Goku with a fluttering, blueish-white aura and white hair. When we caught a glimpse of Ultra Instinct previously, it didn’t result in this complete makeover.

The new form was first teased in V-Jump; a Japanese magazine with manga news and updates. A stoic-looking Goku was shown alongside other Dragon Ball ads, with one showcasing the Ultra Instinct Mastered state in video game-form. The new form comes as a surprise to fans, as there are only three more episodes remaining in Dragon Ball Super. This is a sign of a climactic ending for the revived series.

As the beloved series comes to an end, die-hard fans can look forward to finding closure with Jiren’s character. He’s had a standout performance in the series, and it’d be nice to see him fall to Goku’s new form. Whether the Ultra Instinct Mastered form fells the titan or not, fans expect this to be a jumping off point for the future of the Dragon Ball tv series; if there’s even one at all.