Not long after humanity declared open season on Floridian iguanas, the war on wilderness has continued with another new development. While island getaways are thought to be relaxing affairs, such is not the case on the Farallon Islands, known colloquially as "Rat Island." According to a report from CNN, the Farallon Islands have been subjected to the uncontrollable and rampant spread of a Rat nation, to the point where an entire ecosystem hangs in jeopardy. The report claims that the island is home to a massive population of seabirds, as well as several rare species. Unfortunately, the rats have planted their flag in the soil and never looked back. 

Auscape/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

The California Coastal Commission has declared that their presence has led to "long-term ecological damage." And no wonder, given that the island is said to feature the most bountiful rat population the world over. Given that desperate times indeed call for desperate measures, scientists have decided to wage a biological war of sorts, administering 3,000 pounds of the rat poison Brodifacoum-25D onto the unruly denizens. Though this veritable massacre will stain the coast with rat blood, said scientists maintain that it's all for the greater good - the ecosystem hangs in the balance.

Yet not everyone is convinced that poison is the proper course of action. After all, the tainted rats may cause untold damage to other living organisms, prompting some to propose less brutal countermeasures. For now, the fate of the Island, and the rats who call it home, hangs in the balance.