Those in the public eye are no stranger to scrutiny. Celebrities are subjected to criticism from the anonymous internet hive mind on a daily basis, and sometimes, you have to learn to laugh it off. That mentality has led to one of Jimmy Kimmel's most memorable bits: "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets." The premise delivers exactly what it promises, and if you enjoy that sort of thing, you'll like this latest installment. 

"Usher seems like he'll stop in the dead ass middle of sex because he got chilly," reads Usher; let's face it, he could have gotten it worse. Common takes an equally g-rated shot, reading "Common is the Pottery Barn of rappers." He doesn't seem to take too kindly to the user, retorting with "the fuck you know about rap?" Let's be honest here. Common deserves more respect than that. The man went toe to toe with John Wick.

TLC also takes some heat, being accused of writing "the worst song about waterfalls ever." They're having none of it. "That's just some natural earth bitch," says Chilli. Not even Ludacris' endearing charms can save him from the scorn of anonymous internet users. "I'd rather be homeless and watch 2 cats bang in an alley than go to a Ludacris concert," reads Luda, leaving us all wondering...who would ever prefer to do that, other than a furry?

Check out the entire segment below.