It looks like Usher has entered his second roasting session of the year and we're only 17 days into 2019. A few weeks ago the "U Don't Have To Call" singer debuted a new hairstyle, that resembled a perm in the shape of a wave on top of his head. The new hairdo pulled in a lot of reactions from the Twitterverse, as you can imagine. 

"Usher got dat “Good Golly Miss Molly” on top of his head," one user wrote

More recently, Usher has debuted his second look of the year and this time he got himself a set of patterned cornrows. A video shows Usher doing "the pat" to itch his braids because they were seemingly so tight and new. 

Once again, the Twitterverse has come through to share their two-cents but this time it's a mix between those clowning the singer and others standing up for him. 

"I don’t understand the outrage over Usher’s hair," one user wrote. "He is the only entertainer I’ve seen that’s attacked for getting parts in his cut, wearing braids, or a pompadour. Snoop Dogg has worn braids or a press for decades but y’all never misgender or point homophobia in his direction."

Check out more reactions below.