Late on Thursday night, Vanessa Bryant took to Instagram to pay a heartfelt tribute to her late husband Kobe Bryant and their daughter, Gigi. This tribute comes almost a year after Kobe and their daughter’s passing as a result of a tragic helicopter accident that happened on January 26th, 2020. In addition to Bryant and his daughter, the crash also claimed the lives of 7 others, including the pilot of the aircraft. 

Vanessa frequently posts tributes to Kobe and Gigi on Instagram, similar to the one below, which she posted on December 29th. She writes, “My gorgeous Gigi and handsome boo-boo. Mambacita and Black Mamba forever.” The post features photos and videos of Kobe and Gigi at a Lakers game before their passing.

Vanessa captioned Thursday's video saying, "I LOVE YOU @kobebryant Miss you and Gigi so much." In the video, Kobe is in an interview talking about love.

He says, “Happiness is such a beautiful journey. It has its ups and downs, whether it’s in a marriage, whether it’s in a career, you know, things are never perfect. But, if you love, you continue to persevere. You move through… you move through. And then through that storm, a beautiful sun emerges. Right, then inevitably another storm comes, guess what? You ride that one out too. So I think love is a certain determination, and the persistence to go through the good times and the bad times with someone or something that you truly love.”

Wise words, Kobe. We miss you.