If you own a pair of Vans and haven't yet thrown them in the air to see if they land right side up, then you probably aren't aware of the #VansChallenge that is sweeping the internet right now.

The mind-blowing revelation that Vans sneakers will stick the landing (most of the time) when thrown into the air was first brought to light over the weekend when twitter user @Ibelievthehype posted the following video on twitter.

Since then, Vans owners have been throwing their sneakers around to test the theory and a majority have found that their Vans do, in fact, have a cat-like tendency to land perfectly flat on the rubber sole.

For instance:

While many discovered the theory to be true, a few others found out that their Vans didn't hold the same powers as those shown in the videos above.

Check out the failures below, and go ahead toss your Vans in the air to see where your kicks stand.