It's been nearly seven months since the death of Verne Troyer. The actor passed away in April, although the cause of death wasn't immediately released. Today, the L.A. County Coroner's Office released the autopsy report and revealed that the actor passed away from suicide.

The L.A. County Coroner's office has ruled Verne Troyer's death as a suicide. The autopsy report revealed that Troyer died from "sequelae of alcohol intoxication" which is essentially alcohol abuse. It took a few months for the Coroner's Office to determine what actually killed the "Austin Powers" actor. Following Troyer's passing, his cause of death was "deferred" by the Coroner's Office because they needed to further investigation on the matter. 

Troyer suffered from alcohol addiction for several years leading up to his death this past April. He was also in rehab on numerous occasions to treat his addiction. 

Prior to his death, Verne was taken to the hospital after police received a tip saying that he was suicidal. He was reportedly being treated for alcohol poisoning because his blood alcohol level was triple the 0.08 limit. He remained hospitalized before he passed away a few weeks later at the age of 49.

Verne was best known for his role as Dr. Evil's Clone, Mini-Me, in the "Austin Powers" movie series starring Mike Myers. He also appeared in other blockbuster films including Harry Potter.