VH1 is working on what sounds like it'll be huge documentary about the culture of hip-hop, as told by Steve Stoute in his 2012 book "The Tanning of America:How Hip-Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy." VH1 has teamed up with Billy Corben, the director of "Cocaine Cowboys," to create a four-part documentary spanning four hours, titled "The Tanning of America: One Nation Under Hip-Hop," which will be based off Stoute's book.

The documentary, which will examine hip-hop as a cultural movement and how it has permeated all parts of life, will also feature interviews with the movers & shakers of the industry, including Dr. Dre, Russell Simmons, and Rick Rubin, as well as the likes of Al Sharpton, and even fashion moguls like Tommy Hilfiger.

As explained in a press release, "Through engaging and intimate first person stories, “Tanning” takes viewers where they’ve never been before: inside a steamy Madison Square Garden, when Russell Simmons cut a deal with Adidas sneakers during a Run DMC concert … inside the Harvard dorm room where two white Jewish kids decide to start The Source magazine … inside the car of fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, as he drives through the streets of Harlem finding inspiration in baggy jeans … to the streets of Paris as Diddy takes over Europe for a Vogue fashion shoot … to a New York music studio where Mariah Carey collaborates with O.D.B, forever fusing pop and hip hop; and with Dr Dre as he first hears a rapper who calls himself Eminem."

The four-part documentary is set to air in February 2014.