Viacom is seeking a full reimbursement of their legal fees following their successful defense in The Game's counteraction lawsuit against the company. The legal battle stems from sexual assault charge mounted on The Game during an the production of She Got Game, a short-lived dating show funded by the holding company.

According to The Blast, Viacom is holding out for a sum of $35,729.50, the total of their legal expenses. The case resided over $20 million The Game felt he was owed by the company for casting a person of "questionable character" aka Priscilla Rainey. Incidentally, the judge presiding over the original case sided with the plaintiff, Priscilla Rainey, and awarded her $7.1 million, a sum The Game has yet to pay.

The $20 million demands were read as a ballpark figure for ensuing loss of innocence. A 2nd judge refuted the subsequent liability suit, while The Game is left to ponder his options or face "potential" imprisonment. The decision rendered on June 5 must now pass a second stage. If The Game were to post the inferred damage (of $35,729.50) he would essentially be admitting some level of culpability for the assault. It would be best to consider the matter inconclusive until The Game is all out of counter moves, and is forced to pay the $7.1 million sum.