Since his comments about Jewish people went viral and resulted in backlash, Nick Cannon has been putting in work. After apologizing for his remarks, the Ncredible Entertainment mogul has spent his time meeting with Rabbis, Jewish leaders, donating to Jewish businesses, and reportedly learning about his Jewish heritage. The controversy caused Cannon to lose his ViacomCBS deal, a partnership that he's held near for decades, but it looks as if he may be back in the conglomerate's good graces.

Nick Cannon, ViacomCBS
Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images

According to Variety, ViacomCBS's President of Entertainment and Youth Brands, Chris McCarthy, spoke about Nick Cannon at a town hall meeting with staff. An employee asked McCarthy about Cannon's status and what he thought about the actor attempting to reconcile with others regarding his anti-Semitic comments.

“I struggle with the fact that Nick, a longtime partner and friend of ours, is on this journey and we’re not part of that journey,” McCarthy said. Elsewhere during the conversation, he was also asked about what steps ViacomCBS is taking to mesh the art of storytelling with the social issues that permeate pop culture and beyond.

“I am hopeful we find a way to bring these two things together and hopefully we will have the opportunity to do that with Nick again.” Variety also reported that Cannon and McCarthy have been speaking recently but there aren't any laid out plans for Cannon to make a triumphant return.