Lately, Jay Z and Beyonce have been infatuated with two of Chicago's brightest young stars, both thought to be part of the same SaveMoney crew. Jay Z signed Vic Mensa to Roc Nation over a year ago, and it's unclear if Hov is interested in any business dealings with Chance the Rapper, but the Coloring Book emcee has posted a few recent pictures of himself kicking back with hip-hop's royal couple. 

"My auntie Yonce and Unc tryna fix me up," he wrote yesterday alongside a photo of him being flanked by Jay and Bey, and earlier this week, he posted an Instagram picture of the three of them along with Mensa, with a caption that reads, "Coolest thing I did yesterday." That photo must've been taken around the same time as the one Mensa recently put up on his Instagram, which has since been deleted. Take a look in the above gallery. 

As you can see, there's a notable difference in Mensa's picture in that one can't see Chance the Rapper, as his image -- once situated between Hov and Yonce -- has been deliberately blacked-out by Mensa. He didn't offer any hint at why he cut Chance out of the photo, but there's little subtlety in his cropping job, suggesting that he intended to convey to his fans that, for some reason, he doesn't want to be pictured with his once-frequent collaborator. 

"Birthday with friends. Jordan year," wrote Mensa, as the picture was presumably taken whilst celebrating his 23rd birthday. In order to have his caption be truthful, he seemed to feel the need to obscure the image of Chance the Rapper, who apparently doesn't meet Mensa's definition of a friend.